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Sorry that I haven't updated this community in a long time! I'll update more once my school year ends, or slows down! I'll take some requests though! I per person! P.S. I'm trying a new layout! :)
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small update

[8]Little Mermaid (and cast)
[1]Scarlet Pimpernel
[1]Jersey Boys (Sebastian Arcelus)
[1]Young Frankenstein
(ignore the one that is there twice! opps!)
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comment, crdit, you know the drill.
If there are icons you'd like to see here, please tell me. :)
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Happy Holidays...

So for the holidays, I thought I'd give you all a chance to request something. Since the whole only 8 people didn't work out last time. Anyone from the community (yes, you have to be a member) can request and icon. This offer will be open until the end of this month. One request per person, please. :)

Request away!

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[9] Young Frankenstein
[1] L5Y
[1] Idina Menzel
[2] Hairspray Movie Headers

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Hey, peeps, please spread the word about my community and comments would be greatly appreciated. :)
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[3] Rachel York in Camelot
[2] Wizard of Oz (WWOTW)
[2] Katy Voytko and John Cudia
[1] Kiss Me Kate (Rachel York and Rex Smith)
[2] Eden as Ariel (Disney Theme Park)
[1] B&TB OBC
[1] DRS
[1] Idina Menzel
[3] Neil Haskell
[1] Tarzan
[1] Josh Strickland
[1] SJB & Sebastian Arcelus
2 No icons spots (ignore those)

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[3] Idina Menzel (1 with Tracie Thoms)
[2] Dr. Who
[1] Patti LuPone
[2] Gaspard Ulliel
[5] Wicked
[1] Hairspray
(the icon that doesn't show up, doesn't really exists. sorry. lolz)
[1] Little Mermaid banner

And if you're looking for more icons, check out past posts!

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