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So, this is the graphic community of green_girl510. I'm new to making graphics, but I'd love feeback! When I get a chance, I'll let people give me requests. I'm trying to spread the word about this community, so spread the word, peeps! If I ever get a good tutorial ready, I'll post it, but until then, I'm just posting my graphics. My graphics are about Broadway, celebs, movies and whatever else I love (or you love).

· Please comment if you're taking a graphic.
· Please credit if you're using a header/banner/or icon.
· Tell you friends about this community!

Affiliates are theoops_icons crackified_icon edward_dazzles. Want to be affiliates? No prob! Just leave a comment! Please everyone, no hotlinking and the blank icons are not bases! Thanks! Enjoy! :)
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